Here it is! The fic itself. :3

  • Sex and Therapy: The Series- The entire series on AO3, including the epilogue and one shots.
  • Handwash Only - What I call the pilot episode of the series. A short one shot in a series of snippets about the upkeep of personal companions. :P

  • You can read exclusive bonus content and cut material for Sex and Therapy that you can't find on ao3 on my ko-fi!

  • Sex and Therapy: The Lost Chapter - Fizz's Therapy- Concord adminsters therapy to Fizz. This is a chapter I decided not to post publicly due to some sensitive material, but I decided to include it on my ko-fi for monthly subscribers.
  • Sex and Therapy: The Immediate Murder Professionals- Very, very early on in writing I had the thought of having Concord hire IMP to assassinate Ahroth. I wrote this chapter of Concord hiring them before I scrapped the idea. Fizz wasn't even very fleshed out as a character at this point. Available to all donaters.